Hamilton welcomes applications from home schoolers. Home schoolers have been part of our community for many years, and we recognize the particular assets they bring to college life: initiative, independence, and a penchant for learning creatively. We offer the following information to assist you in assembling your application to Hamilton, and to facilitate our evaluation of your candidacy.

Preparing your Application

We use the same criteria to evaluate home schooled applicants as we do for all others. At the same time, we recognize that home schoolers’ academic backgrounds are distinctive. We strongly encourage home schooled applicants to help us get an adequate picture of their college preparation. To that end, we ask that home schoolers submit the following with their applications:

  • A transcript from a reputable home school correspondence/umbrella program, or a detailed roster of academic coursework at the secondary level;
  • Other formally presented work of any kind that well represents the range of your academic and extracurricular accomplishment;
  • A short narrative, written by the person other than yourself who has been most responsible for your academic life, describing the nature of your secondary-level education. This document should not be a recommendation, but rather a description of your instruction in recent years.
  • We strongly encourage home schoolers to visit campus, and to complete an interview (in-person or virtual).

Standardized Tests

Like all candidates for admission to Hamilton, home schoolers have the option of submitting scores from nationally recognized standardized tests. Refer to Hamilton's testing policy for details.

Letters of Recommendation

The Common Application calls for letters of recommendation from teachers and guidance counselors, but these designations often will not have the same meaning in home school households as they do in conventional schools. In choosing who will write on your behalf, then, we suggest that you select individuals who know you well as a student, and as a person, beyond your household: an employer, a pastor, priest, or rabbi, a scout leader, athletic coach, or tutor, for example.

Financial Aid

Hamilton has a well-earned reputation as a college of opportunity. That’s why we follow a need-blind policy when reviewing domestic applications for admission. What does this mean? Your family’s financial situation will not be considered when assessing your qualifications for admission.


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