My name is Andrew Sinclair and with this short reflection, I hope to share some insight as a Jan who didn’t go to London.

Andrew SinclairI was ecstatic when I received my Hamilton acceptance letter. The school felt like the perfect fit, and I was excited to compete in cross-country and track and field at the Division III level. However, I was initially concerned about the Jan program. I didn’t like the idea of starting a semester after the majority of my classmates. Despite my initial doubts, I began to research the various options for the first semester. Immediately, I started to understand the extensive possibilities, and the idea grew on me significantly. I strongly considered going to London for my first semester, but I eventually decided against it.

I spent my first semester in Bentonville, Arkansas, where my family lived at the time. Primarily, I chose to stay in Arkansas with my family because I attended a boarding high school. I was really excited to spend some time at home after being away for four years. My semester at home was immensely fulfilling. I was very happy taking classes at a local school in Arkansas, and spending time with my family and friends. In addition, I performed in a local theatre production of ‘Into The Woods.’ Over the course of this semester, I grew to love the Natural State. I was able to meet new people, make memories, and prepare myself to start college.

Being a Jan is a unique, challenging, but rewarding college experience. So my advice for future Jans is to come to the experience with an open mind and a willingness to get involved. Hamilton will welcome you with open arms; you just have to put in the effort to make the Hill your home. 


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