January Admission

Hamilton College offers January admission to several dozen students each year, and seeks to annually enroll about 45 new first-year students in the spring semester. The January admission option allows us to extend more offers of admission to strong and talented students while also filling vacancies created by Hamilton students who are studying abroad during the spring semester.

Our January class is selected from the regular and early decision applicant pool and will be notified of their admission offer at the same time as students admitted for fall. “Jans” are admitted because of their academic potential and strong personal qualities, as well as a demonstrated independence and intellectual curiosity that lead us to believe that they will make good use of the fall semester. While all applicants are automatically considered for both fall and January admission, many students express interest in being considered for either semester and some indicate a preference for the “Jan” option when applying to Hamilton.  Receiving admission as a “Jan” is an offer of full admission to the college community.

Jans have chosen to do virtually anything and everything from community service and travel, to outdoor adventures and full-time work. Many students have chosen to pursue credit-bearing opportunities at an accredited institution for purposes of earning transfer credit that will allow them to graduate after three-and-a-half years at Hamilton. Other students have used AP credit and/or summer coursework to make on-time graduation possible.

Please direct any questions to Jack Fitch, Assistant Dean of Admission, by phone at 1-800-843-2655 or email at jfitch@hamilton.edu.

Jan Stories

Victoria Bullivant '18

Victoria Bullivant ’18

If you introduce yourself as a Jan at Hamilton, people will immediately respond, “I love Jans!” or, “Jans are great!” I used to suspect these statements were slightly artificial or conciliatory, but here is what I know to be true: Jans are the best. Despite making up a small part of the Hamilton population, our influence in clubs, classes and activities spreads across campus.

Andrew Sinclair

Andrew Sinclair ’18

I was ecstatic when I received my Hamilton acceptance letter. The school felt like the perfect fit, and I was excited to compete in cross-country and track and field at the Division III level. However, I was initially opposed to the Jan program. I didn’t like the idea of starting a semester after the majority of my classmates. Despite my doubts, I began to research the various options for the first semester. Immediately, I started to understand the extensive possibilities, and the idea grew on me significantly.

Anna O’Keefe '18

Anna O’Keefe ’18

When I visited Hamilton, I was instantly overwhelmed by the enthusiasm of the campus community and connected to the friendly and open atmosphere. I knew Hamilton was where I was meant to be. For me, the offer of January admission was an outcome I had never considered and was truly unprepared for. I was confused and disheartened at the thought of delaying my Hamilton experience until the second semester of my first year. But I knew that what I really wanted was to attend Hamilton, so within a couple of days of receiving the admission offer, I committed to being a Jan.

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