January Admission Explained

In anticipation of your questions about Hamilton’s January Admission program, we hope this information helps.
  • Hamilton welcomes approximately 45 new first-year students each January. Because nearly two-thirds of Hamilton students study abroad or away for some or all of their junior year, we typically have space available on campus to offer January admission to qualified students. 
  • Each year, after filling the spaces reserved for fall admission, we are still eager to admit several dozen more applicants because of their academic potential, strength of character and personal qualities. From this group we offer January admission to students we would love to see at Hamilton, and whose demonstrated independence and intellectual curiosity lead us to believe they will make good use of the fall semester.
  • “Jans” have done virtually anything and everything in the fall, from community service and travel to outdoor adventures and full-time work. Many students pursue credit-bearing opportunities at an accredited institution and earn transfer credits so they can graduate after three-and-a-half years at Hamilton. Others have used AP credit and summer coursework to make on-time graduation possible. The majority of students who join the Hamilton community in January graduate with the rest of their class.
  • Many Jans choose to study in London through the Arcadia University Fall in London Freshman Program. Arcadia is a long-standing and trusted Hamilton partner, and the courses are credit-bearing and pre-approved. Arcadia offers limited financial aid for this program. 
  • Recently, Hamilton launched a new partnership with SEA Semester for Environmental Science in Woods Hole (MA).  SEA Semester and Hamilton have partnered for years on upper-class student offerings. This relatively new program, which is credit-bearing and has been approved by Hamilton, is tailored to first-year, “gap” semester students who are seeking a unique and adventurous fall semester experience.
  • Jans looking to create a unique and personalized fall semester experience are encouraged to consider the Center for Interim Programs, a trusted partner of Hamilton that provides one-on-one counseling for students looking to design a non-credit-bearing gap experience of any length.
  • Check out further information on transfer credit and a list of other programs in which Jans have previously participated.

While many students choose, and in some cases prefer, the "Jan" option, we recognize that it isn't for everyone. At the same time, we do not allow Jans to appeal their decision or move to the wait list for fall admission. We encourage you to compare this offer of admission to more traditional ones you might receive and make the decision that is in your best interest. Of course, it is our hope that you will choose to join us on College Hill in January, but regardless of what you decide, we thank you for your interest in Hamilton and wish you all the best for your college career.

For additional information or to answer questions about January admission please contact Jack Fitch, assistant dean of admission, at 1-800-843-2655 or jfitch@hamilton.edu.

Advice from a “Jan”

Advice from a “Jan”

“The best part about living in London was being able to experience the big and little things with people whom you just met, and watch as they turn into some of your closest friends.”
— Olivia Maddox ’20

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