I can vividly remember the pit in my stomach as I opened my Early Decision notification from Hamilton. For months, I had been waiting for this day. I knew that I wanted to attend Hamilton, and finally the moment of truth had arrived. With my family nervously watching, I began to read my letter. I was so excited once I saw that I got into Hamilton and, after hugging my family, I re-read my letter to confirm that I wasn’t dreaming and Josh Rothstein "19that this was actually happening. It was at this point that I noticed I had been accepted to begin my college experience in January. I had completely forgotten about the possibly of Hamilton’s January Admission. Although the program sounded cool, I had mostly selected that I was interested in it because I wanted to maximize my chances of being accepted to Hamilton. Suddenly here I was, accepted to my dream school, but having to wait a semester to attend.

The more I read about the Arcadia University Fall in London Freshman Program, the more excited I got. I cannot speak more highly of my experience abroad in the fall. I enrolled in interesting classes that took advantage of being in London to enrich our experiences with multiple field trips, such as to the BBC Headquarters and countless museums. Living in Palace Court with 32 other Jans made every moment exciting, from my poor attempts at cooking dinner to waiting up until 5 in the morning for a week straight to watch my Mets lose the World Series. I loved exploring London, from playing football in Hyde Park, to re-enacting The Beatles album cover at Abbey Road. In addition to spending time in London, I enjoyed travelling to Amsterdam, Bruges, Barcelona, Istanbul, Liverpool, Wales, and Edinburgh. It was great becoming closer with everyone throughout the semester, and I began my time on the Hill that spring with many close friends.

The transition back to Hamilton was pretty smooth for me. I’d recommend joining a club and committing yourself to getting involved in its leadership. Clubs are a great way to meet people, and all Hamilton students are very excited to meet Jans. You will also quickly realize that Jans become fully integrated in student life and heavily involved with the leadership of many activities on campus.

Looking back on my time in London now, I am so grateful to have been accepted as a Jan and will treasure the experience forever. As my Aunt said upon my acceptance to Hamilton as a January admit, “View this opportunity as nothing but a gift.”


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