Sustainability in Polynesian Island Cultures & Ecosystems (SPICE)

  • Students will enroll in a total of 17 semester hours.
  • Students must earn a or better in each course to earn a total of 4 units of Hamilton credit.
  • WI – The writing-intensive requirement consists of 3 writing-intensive courses, each taken in a different semester.  One needs to be outside of the student’s major(s).  None of these courses fulfill this requirement so students should register for a writing-intensive course during the first two semesters at Hamilton.

All of the students on this program will be taking the following pre-approved courses:

Cultural Landscapes & Seascapes: A Sense of Place (300-level, 3 credits)
This course will count as an Environmental Studies elective.

Nautical Science (200-level, 3 credits)
This course will count as a general elective.

Marine Environmental History (300-level, 4 credits)
This course will count an Environmental Studies elective.

Oceanography (200-level, 3 credits)
This course will count as a Geoscience elective. Students will be allowed to take Geosc 112 (The Marine Environment) at Hamilton.

Marine History and Culture (300-level, 4 credits)
This course will count as general credit. It will not count towards a History major or minor.


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