Before I even opened my decision letter from the Office of Admission, I knew Hamilton was where I wanted to spend my next four years. When I learned that I was accepted as a Jan, my passion for the College didn’t change in the slightest and it wasn’t unfamiliar to me. My older brother graduated from Hamilton in 2016 and had many friends who were Jans - I knew I was in good company! After learning more about the Arcadia University in London program, I felt that this opportunity could only enhance my experience when I joined the Hamilton community in January.

Zac BallComing from a suburban area in New Jersey, I was used to having access to a city, but living in one was a culture shock. Fortunately, I had 35 of my peers to lean on and share this experience. From my excursions throughout the United Kingdom, attempting to master the London Tube, and trying to improve my culinary abilities, my relationships with the other Jans strengthened. Over the course of the fall semester, we matured and learned to live independent lives. I strongly believe that these kinds of experiences make a person very flexible and in the long run, prepared me for a smooth transition to Hamilton. 

As I reflect on my admission to the College, I remember the two pieces of advice my brother gave me. First, he encouraged me to attend orientation in the fall with the others in my class. From this experience, I would connect with those attending in the fall and expand my Hamilton network. Second, he told me to keep my Jan friendships, but not to be afraid to branch out to the rest of the community once I arrived on campus. Having followed the first piece of advice, the second part was easy. Now, as I prepare for my last year at Hamilton, I cannot imagine my experience being any different. As a Jan, I found a group of friends who not only supported me through the transition from high school to college, but also encouraged me to take risks and be excited about sometimes taking the road less traveled.


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