Bristol Fellowship

Mo’ Hair: The Transnational Hair Trade and Culture
India, South Africa, Ghana, Dominican Republic, Brazil

J. William Fulbright Grant (4)

Popular notions of sexuality and the identity politics of gay rights

Methods of transitional justice among Internally Displaced People in the Rift Valley Province

Transition of German society after World War II through the lens of Kaufbeuren

Notions of past, place and identity among Sinixt people

Fulbright English Teaching Assistantships (3)

Indonesia, Malaysia, Russia

Thomas J. Watson Fellowship (3)

Safe spaces: all-girl environments and their role in community development
Guatemala, Egypt, South Africa, India

Voluntary Poverty: a means for individual and community transformation
Thailand, India, Argentina

A Single Thread: Producers and Consumers of Fair Trade Clothing
United Kingdom, Australia, Bolivia, India, Japan

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