Sciences & Mathematics 19 30.6%
Health Care 11 17.7%
Social Sciences 11 17.7%
Law 6 9.7%
Other or Unknown 5 8.1%
Business Administration 5  8.1%
Humanities 3 4.8%
Arts 2 3.2%
Communications 0 0%


Institution Field of Study
University of Delaware Art History
University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill Musicology


Institution Field of Study
Babson College Business
Claremont McKenna College Finance
Columbia University Post-Baccalaureate Business
Northeastern University Accounting/Business
University of Pennsylvania Public Administration

Health Care

Institution Field of Study
Columbia University Dentistry
Columbia University Nursing
Emerson College Speech-Language Pathology
George Mason University Biomedical Sciences
Jefferson Medical College Medicine
London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine Demography and Health
Mount Sinai Medical School Medicine
Ross University Veterinary Medicine
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey Clinical Psychology
SUNY Upstate Medical Center Medicine
University of Rochester Biomedical Genetics
University of Vermont Medicine


Institution Field of Study
Georgetown University Asian Studies (Chinese)
Johns Hopkins University  
University of St. Andrews Medieval History


Institution Field of Study
American University Law
Brooklyn Law School Law
Johns Hopkins University Law
Syracuse University Law
The College of William & Mary Law
Tulane University Law

Other or Unknown

Institution Field of Study
Boston University  
Cornell University  
Minzu University of China  
Syracuse University Library Sciences
University of California, Davis  
University of Mississippi  

Science & Math

Institution Field of Study
Carleton University  
Colorado State University Geosciences
Dartmouth College Chemistry
Dartmouth College Chemical Engineering
Duke University Chemistry
Johns Hopkins University Biochemistry Cellular and Molecular Biology
Oregon State University Geosciences
Princeton University Computational Biology
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Mathematics
Rice University Geosciences
Tufts University Machine Learning
University of Utah Mathematics
University of California at San Diego Physics
University of California, San Francisco Biochemistry
University of Rochester Electrical Engineering
University of Rochester Chemistry
University of Southern Florida  
University of Texas at Austin Geosciences
Yale University Organic Chemistry

Social Sciences

Institution Field of Study
American University International Relations
Columbia University Social Work
Manhattanville College Childhood Education
New York University Physics Secondary Education
Princeton University Sociology
University of Pennsylvania Historic Preservation
University of Louisville Secondary Education
University of Maryland Economics
University of Minnesota History of Science and Technology

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