Learn about community living, the roommate selection process and what you’ll need for your room in this guide for new students.


Because we believe that learning to live with others is an important part of the residential experience, all students are assigned a roommate(s) their first year at Hamilton. We also believe that students will gain more from their residence hall experience if they live with students who share similar living habits but who have different backgrounds and perspectives.

Your roommate will be the first friend you make at Hamilton. One of the best aspects of residence hall living is having a roommate. Roommates come in all shapes, sizes, colors and creeds, and they may have interests and personalities that are very different from yours. We believe that this relationship is one of the strengths of the Hamilton community. As the semester progresses, you and your roommate will learn to respect each other’s needs, rights and belongings, and will, hopefully, develop a lasting friendship.

However, you and your roommate may not become the best of friends. Roommates often find that, although they may not want to spend every minute of the day together, they can still live comfortably together. If there is ever a problem between you and your roommate that you cannot solve together, your R.A. is always there to help.

The bottom line to a successful relationship with your roommate is clear, considerate and continuous communication with each other.

Housing Preferences Questionnaire

New students arriving in August will receive access to the online housing preference questionnaire. The questionnaire allows you to give us information about your personal habits, environmental preferences and special needs so we can determine your housing assignment and roommate(s).

We will take a careful look at the information you have provided and try to accommodate your wishes as closely as possible, although no guarantees can be made.  You will be able to view housing assignment online at the end of July. 

When you view your room assignment, we will be including the names, addresses and phone numbers of your future roommate(s) so you can contact each other.


room in South Hall

Matching Roommates - by Hand

College roommate pairing can be a joy-filled or angst-ridden topic dependent on the match. Some colleges assign them via automated programs. Others allow students to self-select. Hamilton does it the old-fashioned way, by hand.

Danielle Burby '12 and Jordyn Taylor '12

From First-Year Roomies to Publishing Success

This is a story of a creative partnership, Hamilton style. It began when two strangers were assigned to be first-year roommates. In the latest chapter of the continuing friendship, one writes a novel, and the other helps get it published.


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