Career Outcomes Report

Class of 2012


May 2013

At Hamilton, students are encouraged as early as their first year to identify opportunities for career exploration and development including shadowing opportunities, networking, internships and other career-related experiences. By engaging in this process early, students have the opportunity to explore their passions and consider how the depth and breadth of their liberal arts education will prepare them for a satisfying and productive life after Hamilton.

Each year, we contact recent graduates in an effort to track their progress during their first year after Hamilton. With information from approximately 85% of the Class of 2012 in hand, we know that 75% of the class is employed and 16% is enrolled in graduate or professional school or participating in a post-graduate fellowship. Top areas of employment are Education and Business/Finance, Math & Science (also the top choice for graduate study), the nonprofit sector and Consulting. Not surprising, jobs in Media, Marketing and Advertising/Public Relations are also attractive to our recent graduates. Most of the Class is living in New York City, Boston or Washington and the vast majority is in the North East and Mid-Atlantic regions of the country.

We are grateful to the members of the Class of 2012 who responded to the survey, as well as to the faculty, staff and coaches who assisted with the gathering of this information. My colleague David Bell directs this annual project.

Please enjoy reading about the many accomplishments of the Class of 2012. The report begins with a summary that is followed by information on employment trends, top geographic choices, data about those who pursued graduate school positions and statistics about those who accepted a postgraduate fellowship or scholarship award. If you have questions or comments about this information, please feel free to contact me.

Mary McLean Evans '82
Vice President and Executive Director
Maurice Horowitch Career Center

Overall Status

Based on the overall responses of 392 graduates, 378 (96%) report themselves as employed in a job or internship, in graduate school, or engaged in a graduate fellowship opportunity.

  • 293 (75%) are employed with jobs;
  • 33 (8%)  are participating in a post-BA internship;
  • 52 (13%) are pursuing graduate school;
  • 14 (3%) are pursuing fellowship opportunities.
  • 7 respondents (2%) are "in transition" (traveling, applying to graduate programs, or not looking for positions);
  • 4 graduates (1%) are searching for jobs.

Career Outcomes: What Are They Doing Now?

(includes employment, internships, graduate school and fellowships)
Education and Nonprofit 102 27%
Health, Science and Technology  68 18%
Business Management 38 10%
Communications  38 10%
Finance  36 9%
Other  25 6%
Government and Law 22 6%
Consulting  20 5%
Marketing and Sales  18 5%
Arts  14 4%

Geographic Outcomes: Where Are They Now?

Top Metro Areas:
New York City 106 31%
Boston 39 11%
Washington, D.C. 34 10%
Mohawk Valley 11 3%
Los Angeles 6 2%
San Francisco 5 1%
Albany 4 1%
Baltimore 4 1%
Philadelphia 4 1%

Geographic stats are based on the 75% (346) of the class.