The following is our expectation of conduct from all summer community members:

As members of a residential academic community, we all share the responsibility for creating and maintaining an atmosphere that is conducive to learning and to personal growth. Perhaps of greatest importance is an attitude of tolerance and respect for individuals. Hamilton will not accept behavior that abuses or shows contempt for the persons, opinions, lifestyles, or property of others. In addition, the College demands that all New York State Laws for traffic and vehicle use, alcohol, and illegal drugs are in full force at all times. No alcoholic beverages are permitted in summer facilities unless at an event sponsored by the College or authorized by the Office of College Events and Scheduling . Access to all residence halls is limited to participants of Summer Programs as they are assigned halls for individual use. Anyone found trespassing in residence space for other groups will be removed from campus.

Help us provide an accessible education, offer innovative resources and programs, and foster intellectual exploration.

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