Please refer to the Hamilton College Business Expense Reimbursement Guidelines issued by the Business Office for a complete listing of all the reimbursement guidelines.  The guidelines below are for the Dean of Faculty area only.

Travel and entertainment expenditures must be well documented, “ordinary, necessary and reasonable,” and have a legitimate business purpose.

The purpose of these guidelines is to establish standards and procedures in the Dean of Faculty area in order to reimburse reasonable travel.   This policy applies to all travel and entertainment regardless of the source of the funds (grant, departmental budgets, endowed, and DOF operating budget funds).

A Faculty Travel Funding Authorization Form (available on the Dean of Faculty website) must be submitted to the Associate Dean well before all travel.  This form must be completed for all travel regardless of funding source (start-up funds, endowed funds including endowed chair, and Faculty Travel funds).  The form should include dates of travel, and estimates of transportation, lodging, meal, and other expected costs. If costs change significantly (>5%) before travel, the authorization form must be revised and resubmitted for approval.   Remember:

  • BTI booking fees are $34 for domestic and $50 for international flights—include on funding request
  • Start-up funds or endowed chair fund will be used first before faculty travel budget.
  • Faculty travel funds are used for one trip per year to a conference of professional societies.

Faculty Travel Funding Sources (through application to the DOF):

  • DOF Faculty Travel Funds—one trip per year for conferences of professional societies
  • Research Travel—appropriate endowed funds or DOF Grant Activity Funds (see GAF description—available on the DOF website)

NOTE:  Endowed chair fund will be used first before faculty travel budget.

Reimbursable Expenses and Process

All receipts must be organized and summarized.  Include an explanation for foreign receipts.  A copy of the currency conversion rate is suggested.

Lodging—We will not reimburse for sales taxes in NYS.    Reimbursement for charges made prior to travel will be reimbursed once a receipt is submitted.  The receipt must indicate:

  • The name of the traveler,
  • Method of payment,
  • Amount paid

We reimburse for:

  • Hotel
  • Registration
  • Airfare
  • Meals and miscellaneous costs--$69 per diem

We do NOT reimburse for:

  • Passport renewal expenses
  • Tips for hotel room service
  • Unnecessary airfare costs or fees (added costs for extended trips, itinerary changes, cancellation, medical conditions)
  • Babysitting
  • Kennel charges
  • Hotel laundry bills
  • Hotel phone charges
  • Hotel meal or bar charges
  • Hotel room movies
  • Fitness club
  • Or anything not directly connected to attending the conference

Meals and incidental (regardless of funding source)

  • $69 per diem up to 7 days maximum
  • Meals with guest, such as candidates and speakers up to maximum of $150 (include names of attendees and itemized restaurant tab)
  • Total meal allowance for speakers up to $250.  Total could be one meal with speaker up to $150 and balance for reception for a total of $250 or a reception totaling $250.

Students (regardless of funding source)

  • All student travel should be approved by DOF in advance of travel. Please see Information for Advisors Regarding Student Travel
  • Maximum student travel award from DOF funds is $500.
  • Reimbursement of meals (per diem) for approved student travel is based on meal plan rate of $35 per day, regardless of time of year. 
  • All student entertainment will be covered by departmental budgets and individual faculty social funds.

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