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The goal of the Dean of Faculty Office is to recruit, develop, and retain a diverse faculty of teacher-scholars, who design and deliver a meaningful, innovative, and inclusive curriculum that also cultivates the skills necessary to be successful in a changing world.
Ngonidzashe Munemo

The purpose of education is to find ways to think beyond oneself, but one must start with the self. The liberal arts at Hamilton – rooted in the College’s motto “Know Thyself” and made possible by our deeply committed faculty – allows for that journey. Interacting with and mentoring students through that process of self-discovery is what drew me to the liberal arts in the first place, and it’s at the heart of the work we do here at Hamilton.

The highly personalized education we offer requires an empowering environment where our teacher-scholars have the best resources to pursue scholarship, creative work, and innovative ways of thinking and teaching. It also necessitates support for each faculty member as a person, an academic, and as a member of the greater College community. I look forward to working on behalf of and alongside my faculty colleagues as we continue to commit ourselves to the intellectual and personal development of our students, as well as one another.

Ngonidzashe Munemo
Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of Faculty

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The Dean of Faculty Office offers generous support for faculty to further their scholarly and creative work and to achieve their pedagogical goals. Read more about what some of our faculty are doing.

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Our faculty members are active and accomplished scholars that demonstrate extraordinary commitment to and skill in teaching undergraduates. Each year, members of the faculty produce an average of 350 papers, books, articles, exhibits, etc.

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