The Philosophy Department at Hamilton College has been delighted to host Chauncey S. Truax Post-Doctoral Fellows since 2007. The post-doctoral fellowship offers junior scholars the opportunity to develop significant pedagogical skills while affording them the time to make important progress on their research. Truax fellows receive support and guidance while teaching three courses per year. The department is able to broaden our offerings with courses connected to current, cutting-edge research.

Current and Past Truax Fellows
  • Alessandro Moscarítolo Palacio, 2021–2024
  • Megan Dean, 2019-20, currently Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Michigan State Univeristy
  • Ashley Bohrer, 2016-19, currently Assistant Professor of Gender and Peace Studies at Notre Dame
  • Theresa Lopez, 2013-16, currently Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Susquehanna University
  • Martin Shuster, 2010-13, currently Professor of Philosophy and the Isaac Swift Distinguished Professor of Jewish Studies at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte
  • Russell Marcus, 2007-10, currently Professor and Chair of Philosophy at Hamilton College

For more information on the Truax Post-Doc, contact philosophy@hamilton.edu.

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