A cross-divisional committee for business process improvement (BPIC) began meeting in May 2010 to begin work to identify, at most, two processes for improvement over the next academic year.

To that end, the BPIC solicited input from all divisions on campus. We received 26 submissions, representing 18 unique projects. We reviewed all submissions, narrowing the list to the top four and after much discussion the BPIC recommended that the current hourly student and staff payroll process be automated.  This recommendation was endorsed by the Senior Staff in November 2010.

Our recommendation for the remaining top three submissions is to continue to research solutions as resources allow.

  1. optimize match and use of endowment income
  2. document imaging (e.g. paperless admission)
  3. streamline dorm damage reporting and billing process

October 2010 recommendation and summary of all submissions and actions taken by the BPIC Committee

BPIC Members and the divisions they represent

Sue Donegan
Admission & Financial Aid

Lisa Magnarelli
Dean of Students

Maureen Scoones
Information Technology Services

Sue Stetson
Administration & Finance

Marty Sweeney
Information Technology Services

Kathy Wiese
Communications & Development

Carol Young
Academic Affairs & Dean of Faculty

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