Develop the position description so that it conveys the unit’s commitment to excellence, equity, and diversity and is screened for stereotype-priming language (Leibbrandt & List, 2012).  We are asking all new LITS positions to include a statement similar to this in the job description Responsibilities section: "Actively participate in supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion in the Hamilton community." Consider including a statement in the job ad, a required qualification, and follow-up diversity-related interview questions.

Consider the following questions when writing the job ad (Gilies, 2016):

  • What qualifications must the person have to succeed in this role?
  • What qualifications might enhance their success and impact?
  • Are there people who could succeed in this role but who wouldn’t meet our qualifications?
  • Are we reflecting a range of interests, backgrounds, and experiences in our description of the position, unit, and institution?
  • Have we described the position’s role, its impact, and how it contributes to diversity, equity and, inclusion?

The Hamilton College Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity requires the following tagline in all ads: “Hamilton College is an Affirmative Action, Equal Opportunity employer and encourages diversity in all areas of the campus community.”

Include language that signals a commitment to dual-career couples and work/life balance.

Broaden the job description to attract the widest possible range of qualified candidates. Limit “required qualifications” to identify true requirements of a position versus nice-to-haves. For example, studies show that female candidates are more likely to apply for positions when they meet 100% of the requirements while male candidates will apply when they meet only 60% (Desvaux, Devillard-Hoellinger, & Meaney, 2008)

Departments and colleges may propose additional language to convey their commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. For example, “LITS is committed to creating an accessible, supportive environment and an educational experience that recognizes diversity and cultural competence as integral components of academic excellence. Candidates who can contribute to that goal are encouraged to apply and to identify their strengths in this area.”

Require a “diversity, equity and inclusion statement” as part of candidates’ application materials. For example, “In your cover letter, please share how your past and/or potential contributions to diversity, equity and inclusion will advance Hamilton College’s commitment to inclusive excellence” (UCI ADVANCE Program for Equity & Diversity, 2015, p. 1).



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