Working remotely brings new issues to light in regard to diversity, equity, and inclusion, and it is critically important that we remain committed to these issues while normalcy is interrupted.


  • Getting Started with Zoom - Inclusivity
  • Consider adding your preferred pronouns after your name in Zoom, and asking your student workers and colleagues to do the same. 
  • As a facilitator, plan ahead by appointing some to the following roles:
    • Co-host - in case you run into technical problems
    • Moderator - to monitor and respond on the Chat feature
    • Coordinator - to take notes and keep things on track
  • Make sure all participants have equal access to shared content
    • Share content ahead of time or in real time using the Chat feature
  • Make sure all participants have an equal chance to engage
    • Invite participants at several points to speak
    • Use the "raise hand" feature to ensure equal time


Beth Bohstedt

Director, Learning & Research Services

The $400 million campaign marked the most ambitious fundraising initiative in the College's history.

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