The College Archives, in order to support research and scholarship, will permit a reasonable amount of copying of its manuscript holdings. The Archives reserve the right to restrict copying from any of its collections and in certain cases to deny requests for copies. Approved copying will be done under the following conditions, to which you agree by signing this application.

  1. I will cite the Hamilton College Library Archives as the owner of the manuscript(s) in all publications.
  2. I am aware that permission from the Hamilton College Library Archives to obtain photocopies does not constitute permission to publish; I must make a separate written request for permission to publish to the Archivist and to any copyright holder.
  3. I agree not to make additional copies of this material.
  4. I agree to pay the current charges according to the following Fee Schedule:
Fee Schedule
  • Photocopies: $.25 each, $5.00 minimum
  • Scans: jpeg: $2.00 each, $5.00 minimum; TIFF: $5.00 each
  • Printed photograph from scanned image, up to 8"x11", $25.00 each (in addition to scan fee)
  • For Hamilton College students: photocopies: $.10 each; scans: $.20 each
  • Double the above fees for 11"x17" copies
  • Service fee for new photography: $50
  • No charge for electronic transmission of scanned images
  • For burning scanned images to a CD: $2.00 per CD
  • Additional charge for mailing: minimum $2.00 postage and handling
  • Minimum $2.00 postage and handling
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