Instructions for using the Mid-Year Computer/Printer Purchase

Requests for new computers/printers outside the normal budget process are not normally approved. This policy ensures that all computer requests have an equal chance to compete for available funds and that adequate LITS staffing is in place to support incremental machines. Urgent requests for computers/printers outside the regular budget process will be handled as follows:

Persons requesting mid-year computer/printer purchases must first consult with Desktop Integration Services (DIS, dis@hamilton.edu) regarding appropriate equipment. After consulting with DIS and completing the Computer/Printer Purchase Request Form, the person requesting the equipment must seek approval by account number and signature of the Dean of Faculty or the appropriate VP. A written justification must be included to define a clear statement of need and an explanation of why the need must be met prior to the next budget year.

In the case of major purchases with significant servicing or staffing implications for LITS, the request must also be approved by the VP for Libraries and IT, Joe Shelley. Once the out-of-cycle equipment request is approved, the installation will occur according to the following: 

  • If a computer is available (new or used) that meets the needs of the request it will be installed according to the availability of the installation team.
  • LITS will try to keep a small supply of computers for this purpose outside the annual installation cycles.
  • If a computer is not available, the request must wait until the next installation cycle (June – August).

Purchasing and Installation Procedures

  1. Unless otherwise specified, LITS must coordinate the purchase and installation of the equipment.
  2. Equipment that will be configured, serviced and maintained by LITS must adhere to current institutional standards. Non-standard equipment is not eligible for LITS configuration, software installations, service and maintenance.

    (Note: Specialized equipment, such as scientific instruments that are controlled by computers, need to have separate service arrangements. For this type of equipment, the box that specifies a separate service contract must be checked.)
  3. In rare cases, non-standard computers/printers may be purchased for specific purposes if first discussed with and approved by their division officer. In such cases, LITS will not be responsible for ordering, configuration, hardware setup, network connectivity, software installation, service or maintenance. Even in these cases, the purchase must be made using a College purchase order.
  4. New Equipment must be properly tagged and added to the College inventory (contact dis@hamilton.edu) for tagging).

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