The EIC process has matured over the years; the information below is current as of January 2022.


If your request meets one of the criteria below, it needs to be reviewed by the EIC.

  • Annual cost for software or service exceeds $5,000
  • Contains “high” data
    • Information assets whose loss, corruption, or unauthorized disclosure would have SEVERE IMPACT to the Campus' reputation, cause financial loss or would result in regulatory or government sanctions such as violations of federal or state laws or security breaches that result in the compromise of customer or associate private information. Common examples include but are not limited to, banking and health information, credit card holder data, SSN’s, faculty and staff personnel records, and information systems’ authentication data.
  • Requires integration for more than sign-in
  • One or more college functions would “break” without it
  • Multiple departments rely on it
  • Either the VP of LITS or EIC declares it so

Requests are reviewed and prioritized four times a year for the next budget year. Exceptions require senior staff approval and contingency funding or department funding.

  • January
  • March
  • June
  • September (requests for the next fiscal year need to be brought to the EIC; final requests are due in early December)


Please answer the following questions in the detailed description of the request.

  1. What would get delayed in favor of doing this project?
  2. When can data governance be completed?
  3. What timeline is desired?
  4. What kind of follow-up care and feeding will the system need?
  5. What would the current year pricing be?

Hamilton College regularly licenses software and services to store and manipulate data in support of college activities. In order to fully evaluate systems, services and associated costs, and assure that the providers comply with information security, accessibility and legal requirements, we developed a checklist.

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