5 Questions to Ask when Troubleshooting Blackboard:

  1. What browser version does the user have? We had a few Firefox 2.0s around last year, so we probably have a few 3.0s around this year. Blackboard needs at least FF 3.5/3.6, IE 8 and/or whatever version of Safari is appropriate for the corresponding Mac OS.
  2. Which version of Java does the user have? Users can click the "Do I have Java?" link on and see which version they have. Any version of 1.6 over about build 16 or so should be fine, but never hurts to upgrade.
  3. Are popups blocked? A number of things in Blackboard don't work if popups are blocked (including some quite unexpected things), so either allow them or (better yet) enter an exception for .
  4. Are third-party cookies enabled? Have the user check under FF Privacy History, pick Use custom settings and check that Accept third-party cookies is checked. IE set to Medium High or lower.
  5. Is Javascript enabled? because you never know what users uncheck (like the Content Area under Tool Availability in Blackboard, and then none of their content is available)
    •  Special things for Internet Explorer: if all else fails, make a Trusted Site and if that fails, use Compatibility Mode (after all that, it probably is a bug).

Known Issues:

Scenario: faculty tries to copy documents or other material from an old course space to a new one. They receive a red error message stating "Error: Failed to grant read permission to the attached file for target course." This is a known issue in Blackboard and they don't have a solution yet, but there are two workarounds:

* Copy the entire folder (if the item is contained in a folder): From the older course, with Edit Mode turned on, look for the double-drop-down next to the folder name. When you click it, you will see a menu and the Copy option is at the bottom..
* Copy the entire content: Go to Control Panel, Utilities and Packages, and select Course Copy. On the next page, click Browse to select the destination (new) course. Then select areas to copy and click Submit.

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