2021 Two Sentence Horror Story Contest

ghosts outside Burke LibraryWe are thrilled to announce that we had 96 entries in our inaugural Two Sentence Horror Story Contest! Thank you to everyone who submitted one, two, or five stories. We enjoyed reading them all!

Academic Horror Winner - Rachel clicked open her email. “Unfortunately, our applicant pool was the largest, strongest and most diverse we’ve seen yet.” - Rachel Lu ’22

“The Eyes Have It” Horror - Looking into his tinted blue, almost grey irises, she thought how no one should ever have such perfect eyes. She supposed no one ever would again as she closed his lids and strolled away into the night, dull blade still in hand, leaving him to lay in the warmth of his own blood as it spread over the cold autumn concrete. - Lily Hirai ’24

Technology Horror - I have an app that tells me when to go to bed. It’s been three days now and it still won’t let me fall asleep.   - Cassandra Adler ’24

Just Plain Old Horror Horror Winner - They never figured out why my father was wearing an old broken watch when he was found dead in his bedroom two years ago. Today I finally got the watch to work, but it’s counting down instead of up. - Charlie Haberstock ’25

Thank you to everyone who participated!


Two Sentence Horror Story Runners-Up

I came to with a jolt, dread immediately spreading through me. It was all a dream—I hadn’t even touched my essay and only had two hours left. - SA Nelson '25

Yes, finally done with my homework! **Flips page in horror** - Juasline Plasencia '23

Professor: Now students, please take out your homework that is due today. 
Student: What homework? - Juasline Plasencia '23



Mikayla had beautiful eyes. Sometimes she wondered whose they were. - Martin Shedd, Visiting Assistant Professor of Classics

I rolled over and was met with you staring at me. I must have forgotten to close your eyes.  - Lily Rizzoli ’24

My optometrist tells me I need another new pair of glasses. I think I’ll take his eyes next. - Caitlin Moehrle ’24


The most horrifying thing is how we’ve drifted apart over the years.  I am now your friend in name only, reminded once a year by Mark Zuckerberg that it’s your birthday. - HT Ngo, Visiting Assistant Professor of Literature & Creative Writing

The incessant "ping, ping, ping" of new emails in her inbox followed her everywhere. Day and night she could get no rest... this was hell! - Cat Beck, Associate Professor of Geosciences


They say that Pinot Noir pairs well with liver. I didn't have any left, so I paired my mother's blood with my father's liver. - Jonathan Sills '22

“She was taken so young,” a heart-wrenching sob involuntarily escapes my lips as I look into the lifeless eyes of my daughter, her severed body sprawled on the kitchen floor in a mass of red. ‘Convincing enough,’ I think to myself as I reach for the phone, ready to execute the rehearsed report the death of my 2-year-old daughter. - Ashlyn Gaulin '23

A black cat skittered across my path, but I’ve had good luck ever since. At last, I’m reunited with my late mother. - Caitlin Moehrle '24

"Tell me you still love me,” Sofia says as she takes Aaliyah’s trembling hand into her own, both slick and bloodied, and sliding together with a long, drawn-out squelch. When Aaliyah meets Sofia’s eyes, it’s with the same tired, unsure loathing of a woman who can’t stand her own reflection. - Maja Domagala '24

She lay sprawled in a pool of urine on the classroom floor, a jumble of dislocated bones protruding from the back of her neck. For the fourth time that hour, her phone rang, and for the fourth time that hour, she could only watch it buzz inches from her useless fingers. - Wriley Nelson '22

I crossed the street. My body didn't make it all the way. - Alex Seewald '23

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