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Metadata & Digital Strategies

The mission of Metadata and Digital Strategies is to support the Hamilton Community by enhancing access to information, making available information resources in multiple formats, and preserving information for future generations.
  • Digital Scholarship Services. We work with faculty and students to support every aspect of scholarly production from capturing, analyzing, and visualizing data to communicating findings with rich media, and contextualizing both data and scholarly interpretations in a web presence. We also provide consulting on data management and grant proposals in support of long term research agendas.

  • Metadata consulting. Do you have an idea for a project or collection you want others to be able to navigate? Not sure how to organize your materials? We can help!
  • Digital Collections. Hamilton has thousands of unique items in our collections, many of which have been digitized for ease of access. We can help you discover what we have, and/or work with you to create and organize a digital collection of your research/teaching material or add material to existing LITS digital collections.
  • Acquisition and cataloging of library materials. If you would like something added to the collection, please send a request to asktobuy@hamilton.edu
  • Digitization. Many of our digital collections are digitized in house. We provide advanced training to faculty and students working on digital projects, and some production services, including documentation of 2D and 3D art work, for faculty research and publications.

Metadata & Digital Strategies Staff

Shay Foley

Director, Metadata and Digital Strategies
sfoley@hamilton.edu 315-859-4487

Shay is responsible for many of the “technical” areas of the library. The people in the Metadata and Digital Strategies unit create and describe the objects in Hamilton’s digital collections, purchase and catalog the physical and electronic resources in Hamilton’s main and music collections, and maintain the software systems which make all the items accessible. Shay has been working in Higher Education since 1993, and has held various roles in Libraries since 2001, coming to Hamilton in 2016. He is married with two daughters. After he moved to Clinton, it took 18 months for his family to slowly join him. After six months his oldest daughter made the move, and then finally after 18 months his wife and younger daughter joined them. They are now happy to be one family in Clinton!

Lisa McFall

Associate Director, Metadata and Digital Initiatives
lmcfall@hamilton.edu 315-859-4788

Lisa works to connect the Hamilton Community with the digital collections and digital resources needed for them to succeed in their academic pursuits. She partners with Shay to provide direction for LITS’s digital collections from start to finish, including managing the workflow of materials, setting the metadata schema, and prioritizing the collections for digitization and mounting to the repository. Lisa also provides campus metadata support, teaching class sessions on metadata as requested, supporting initiatives on campus that have a metadata component, and fulfilling individual faculty and student metadata needs as they arise. Lisa came to Hamilton College in 2010, previously working at the University of Pittsburgh. When she's not at work, Lisa enjoys spending time with her husband and three children, playing piano and viola, and experimenting with new recipes.

Janet Thomas Oppedisano

jsimons@hamilton.edu 315-859-4424

Janet leads digital scholarship services at Hamilton. She serves as project manager and/or coordinator for faculty digital scholarship projects, partners with faculty in the integration of undergraduate students in digital scholarship, creates opportunities for students to develop their digital research methods and skills, and manages budgets and technology resources to support projects. Janet also coordinates internal and external communication and engagement efforts, develops grants and other funding sources, and manages strategic partnerships with internal and external organizations in support of the LITS portfolio. With John and Anne Fischer Professor of Fine Arts Rebecca Murtaugh, Janet is Co-PI on Creative Arts & Technology (CAT) funded by the Sherman Fairchild Foundation.

Jean Williams

Associate Director, Metadata and Bibliographic Services
jfwillia@hamilton.edu 315-859-4383

Jean oversees the processes of purchasing and providing access to physical and electronic resources for the library collections, including the Main Library, the Music Library, and Special Collections and Archives. The people involved in this work place orders, receive, create and maintain catalog records, and provide barcodes and call numbers, for books, DVDs, CDs, scores, journals, and miscellaneous other material requested by the faculty and librarians. They also manage licenses and catalog records for packages of ebooks and ejournals purchased or leased by the library. Jean has been working in academic libraries since 1984, first at Washington State University, then Mohawk Valley Community College, ending up at Hamilton College in 1995.

Timothy Fox

Electronic Resources Management/Serials Assistant
twfox@hamilton.edu 315-859-4747

In 2019 Tim joined the Metadata, Cataloging, and Acquisitions team, where he maintains serials and standing orders, keeps holdings records in shape, processes invoices, and prepares materials for binding. Tim has been working in libraries since 2012, in both public and academic institutions.

Taylor McDowell

Web Programmer for Digital Scholarships and Digital Collections

In April 2020, Taylor joined LITS as a Web Programmer for Digital Scholarships and Digital Collections. He is responsible for updating library websites, developing projects with faculty members, and maintaining system/plugin security updates. Outside of work, he loves playing drums, programming games, bowling, and cooking.

Marianita Peaslee

Photography and Digital Imagery Specialist

Marianita runs our in-house digital lab where high quality digital images of the college’s Special Collections are created. She hires, trains, and manages student assistants to help with in-house production and provides the expertise needed to properly archive our collections digitally for the future. She is responsible for quality control review of all digitization projects, including the projects we outsource. She provides digital photography and imagery services for faculty research projects and production-ready images for scholarly publications including documentation of 2D and 3D art work. She is available for consultation and advice for faculty and student academic imaging projects. Marianita is a professional photographer with over 30 years experience who enjoys capturing moments in time with her camera lens through portraits of high school seniors, families, pets, dance productions, sporting events, and creating art from the beautiful places she visits while traveling with her husband and family.

Rebecca Seifert

Cataloging and Authorities Assistant
rseifert@hamilton.edu 315-859-4492

Becky has been working at Hamilton College since July 1997. Her responsibilities include (but are not limited to) cataloging of new materials – books, dvds, cds, streaming videos and more, and maintaining authority records in the database. Becky lives in Vernon. In her spare time she likes to sing in choirs, play piano and organ, sew and ride rollercoasters.

Gisella Stalloch

Discovery & Systems Librarian
gstalloc@hamilton.edu 315-859-4989

In addition to preparing and ingesting digital collections for Special Collections, Archives, and digital scholarship, Gisella helps maintain and support the platforms and services for physical and e-resource cataloging, discovery, and lending for the college. She has a BS in Environmental and Forest Biology from ESF and an MLIS with a focus on eScience from Syracuse University. Gisella has a fondness for uncontrolled vocabularies and the Oxford comma, and she actively practices martial arts, fiber arts, and makes half-hearted attempts at native perennial gardening.

Cat Stern

Acquisitions and Cataloging Assistant
cqstern@hamilton.edu 315-859-4491

Cat’s main duties are ordering and receiving materials such as books and DVDs requested by the Hamilton community. She also repairs books from our circulating collection. Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her husband and two children, decorating, and baking. She recently started PIYO and joined a dance class for the first time in many years.

Barbara Swetman

Acquisitions and Serials Librarian
bswetman@hamilton.edu 315-859-4470

Barbara oversees the purchasing or licensing of all library materials whether in a physical or electronic formats. This includes such things as tracking spending, ordering electronic resources, monitoring usage, and producing reports on those topics. Barbara has been at Hamilton for over 30 years and in that time moved from filing catalog cards to figuring out why access to an electronic resource is not working. Coming here from Minnesota, Barbara joined Masterworks Chorale a week after arriving and has sung with them since. When not working she can be found reading fantasy or traveling the country to spend hours singing Sacred Harp Music https://fasola.org/.

Teresa Zaffarano

Metadata & Cataloging Librarian
tzaffara@hamilton.edu 315-859-4624

Teresa began working at Hamilton College in 2017. Her responsibilities include cataloging materials, with a focus on Special Collections and Archives items, and creating metadata for the Library’s Digital Collections. When she's not working, she enjoys knitting, reading fantasy books, and going for walks around Clinton.

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