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Bryn Mawr College Online Teaching Institute

Bryn Mawr College, a member of LACOL, recently designed a professional development Institute for faculty to work thru the design of an online course. The modules have been made available to other LACOL institutions, and give faculty an opportunity to work asynchronously to devise, create and reflect on the different components of an online course. We are pleased to make this institute available to Hamilton faculty as they reflect on their experiences this spring, and how that information will reflect in their teaching in the future.

Bryn Mawr states the outcomes of this institute as follows:

By the end of this Institute, participants will be able to:  

• Build and support a community of inquiry in an online course 
• Anticipate ways to efficiently manage student and instructor workload  
• Articulate learner-centered outcomes and objectives for an online course 
• Design effective online assessments aligned with course objectives 
• Plan, organize, and create at least one online lesson plan on Moodle 
• Identify which learning technology approach best fit course’s learning objectives

All Entries

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