DHi Spring 2015 Lecture Series - March 3 & 4

By Angel David Nieves

DHi is pleased to announce the next speaker in the spring 2015 lecture series. Dr. Marisa Parham from Amherst College will visit Hamilton on March 3 & 4. Her lecture, "Textual feelings, or, thinking narrative gaming in the information age,” will be held on March 3 at 4:10 p.m. (Location: TBA). Her workshop, “Text adventures in the classroom,” will be held on March 4, at 12 p.m., DHi@CJ102.

Please direct questions to Angel David Nieves (anieves@hamilton.edu) or Janet Simons (jsimons@hamilton.edu), co-directors, Digital Humanities Initiative.

Lecture Description
"Textual feelings, or, thinking narrative gaming in the information age”
With an eye to some of the various critical genealogies given to text based games, this talk focuses on two recent games, Blackbar and Papers, Please. How we might think about the value of such games in our contemporary technological and cultural moment— a technological moment in which interactivity and animation are often described as if interchangeable, and a cultural moment wherein ’data’ must increasingly be understood as intermedial? Finally, where might electronic texts like PRY or Redshift/ Portalmetal fit into this, perched between media conventions associated with novels, games, and films, and also illustrating some of the boundaries between playing and knowing?

Workshop Description
“Text adventures in the classroom”
This workshop will focus on strategies for using Twine, an interactive narrative creation tool. How does the possibility of interactivity potentially impact how we manage the different kinds of information we might want to deploy in teaching or presentation, for instance when juggling historical contextualization and first-person testimony? While this workshop will focus on text driven experiences, some attention will also be paid to how to expand this to other media as well, not only text.

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