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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Tips for Zoom

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Working remotely brings new issues to light in regard to diversity, equity, and inclusion, and it is critically important that we remain committed to these issues while normalcy is interrupted.

Here are some ideas for maintaining our commitment to DEI while using Zoom. 

Check out our guide, Getting Started with Zoom - Inclusivity

Consider adding your preferred pronouns after your name in Zoom, and asking your students and colleagues to do the same. 

As a facilitator, plan ahead by appointing some to the following roles:

  • Co-host - in case you run into technical problems
  • Moderator - to monitor and respond on the Chat feature
  • Coordinator - to take notes and keep things on track

Make sure all participants have equal access to shared content

  • Share content ahead of time or in real time using the Chat feature

Make sure all participants have an equal chance to engage

  • Invite participants at several points to speak
  • Use the "raise hand" feature to ensure equal time

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