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Lever Press Announces Two New Titles


Lever Press recently announced two new titles in the last few weeks.

Christine Henseler’s Extraordinary Partnerships: How the Arts and Humanities are Transforming America is an amazing collection of essay on the growing importance of artistic and humanistic approaches in transforming society.

Amy E. Slaton’s volume, New Materials: Towards a History of Consistency, is a series of critical case studies highlighting the ways industrial materials development, the production of physical and material novelty, produces a wide range of social effects that preserve and sustain existing values and structures.


Hamilton College is one of more than fifty institutions supporting the work of this new open access academic press committed to:

  • an editorial alignment with the mission and ethos of liberal arts colleges
  • a "platinum" approach to open access in which the pledging institutions rather than authors pay all publishing costs
  • digitally native production processes designed to support innovative projects that go "beyond the book."

Learn more by visiting Lever Press.

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