Video Recording for Events Policy Change

By Forrest Warner

AVS’ Video Duplication service is changing.  We are moving to an all digital workflow from start to finish and you will receive a digital version of your event. We will no longer be providing DVDs unless requested.   DVDs can be provided for $5 for the first DVD and $3 for any additional copy. 

In the past if you requested an event or class to be recorded by AVS you would automatically receive 3 DVD copies unless you had asked for more. Recently, we have been finding that people are “ripping” the DVD to obtain a digital copy of their video or discarding the extra copies outright. These practices are not very time effective and overall not great for the environment.

Additionally, in the past, all events were recorded to tape. Within the last year, with the purchase of new cameras, we have gone to a digital only recording format.  This means our recording is already in an editable format without the troublesome issue of capturing a tape.  Capturing footage from a tape is a 1:1 process, meaning for every 1 minute of footage it takes 1 minute to capture it.  With the new digital process we are editing in a few minutes. 

Another driving force of this digital workflow are the changes in computer technology.  DVD drives in computers are going away.  Streaming and other online video services are driving the market and DVD drives are being deemed obsolete.  But don’t despair!  There are some really neat things to be had from these changes and advancements.  Google Drive is a cloud based file storage option that allows you to put any file up on the web that can then be shared with anyone.  This includes videos. As a staff or faculty member at Hamilton you have unlimited storage space in your account.  As part of our new workflow, once editing is completed on your event, we will upload the video file to Drive and share the file with you.  You will receive a notification via email and will be given full rights to the video which you can share the file as you please (within the permissions granted by the video recording release).  Why is this great? Say you have 20 colleagues you want to view an event. Now instead of ordering 20 DVDs at a cost of $60 from our duplication service and then spending even more money and time on shipping the DVDs, you can now share a link of the video from your Drive account via email to those 20 colleagues and be done.  Did I mention the digital version is free?  Cause it is.

If you are not familiar with how to do this using Google Drive, please contact AVS 315-859-4120 or the Help Desk at 315-859-4181 and we’ll be happy to show you.

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