Generative AI refers to a type of artificial intelligence technology that can generate new content, including text, images, and other forms of media. It leverages machine learning algorithms to understand patterns in existing data and then uses this understanding to create new, original content that resembles the input data in structure but is different in specifics.

Hamilton College Generative AI Use Guidelines:

  • Alignment with Existing College Policies
    • The use of generative AI tools at Hamilton College must adhere to the college’s Appropriate Use of IT Resources Policy, Data Classification Policy, and other relevant College policies.
    • The use of these tools should also respect any third-party contracts or agreements.
  • Data Classification and Confidentiality
    • In line with Hamilton College’s Data Classification policy, any data classified as MEDIUM or above should not be input into generative AI tools.
    • Confidential data, including non-public research data, must be protected and not entered into publicly-available generative AI tools.
  • Content Responsibility
    • Users are responsible for any AI-generated content they produce or publish. This content can sometimes be inaccurate or contain copyrighted material. It's crucial to review AI-generated content before its publication.
  • Academic Integrity
    • Adherence to policies on academic integrity is mandatory. Faculty and students should refer to their respective handbooks for guidelines on using generative AI in academic work.
    • Faculty should clearly communicate their policies on the use of generative AI, and students should seek clarification as needed.
  • Awareness of AI-Enabled Security Risks
    • Be vigilant about AI-enabled phishing and other sophisticated scams.
    • Follow security best practices and report any suspicious activities to the relevant college security office.
  • Procurement and Risk Assessment
    • Consult with Hamilton LITS department before procuring generative AI tools to ensure compliance with privacy and security standards.
    • Any vendor generative AI tools must undergo a risk assessment by Hamilton’s Information Security and Privacy office prior to use.
    • Institutional data usage is subject to the College’s Data Classification and Handling guidelines, and any other applicable policies, regulations, or existing contractual agreements.

Hamilton College recognizes that generative AI is a rapidly evolving technology. Hamilton will continue to monitor developments and incorporate feedback to update these guidelines as needed.

These guidelines are not new policies but rather leverage and extend existing Hamilton College policies to the context of generative AI. Users are encouraged to stay informed and exercise responsible judgment when utilizing these tools.

These guidelines regarding generative artificial intelligence are informed by and based upon the guidelines available at Harvard University's official website: Harvard University's Guidelines for Using ChatGPT and Other Generative AI Tools. These guidelines have been customized to align with Hamilton College's specific policies and standards.

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