The following initiatives support the environmental sustainability goals of the College. We are Reducing, Refusing, Recycling and Rethinking.


  • LITS rolled out a new "leave no trace" campaign in Fall 2008 to combat food waste left throughout the building.
  • Library Acquisitions continues to reduce the number of printed materials received, and is committed to providing more access to electronic resources.
  • Energy efficient lighting has been installed in many areas of the library, including the entire third floor, reducing our electricity usage. 
  • Lights are turned off in the building nights and weekends when the library is closed.
  • Library patrons receive the majority of notices, such as overdues, via email, rather than print mail.
  • A print management system is in place in LITS managed spaces.
  • Computers in LITS managed public labs are configured to shutdown during off hours or use reduced power consumption.
  • Computer equipment is purchased annually; one order per vendor and whenever possible orders ship complete.
  • When provided with the option, new computer equipment is purchased without media and printed documentation.
  • Server Virtualization - LITS has combined multiple servers onto a single piece of hardware reducing power and cooling requirements
  • Multi Processor Core Servers - LITS has purchased multiple servers with multi core technology reducing the number of physical processors reducing power and cooling requirements.


  • Due in part to copyright restrictions, the Access Services department no longer photocopies reserves and uses departmental copiers as scanners, eliminating paper copies altogether.


  • LITS recycles notebook batteries.
  • Old computer equipment is sold to a company for recycling or reuse.
  • 30% to 100% recycled paper is used for printers whenever possible.
  • Black and White laser printers use remanufactured/refilled toner cartridges.
  • Recycling bins, for the correct disposal of paper, plastic, glass and returnables, are located throughout the library, including public areas, staff offices and lounges.
  • Instead of sending them to a landfill, LITS donated almost 15,000 volumes of periodicals to Bridge to Asia, a nonprofit organization that supplies donated books and journals to universities in China.
  • Library scrap paper is made from cast off pieces from the College Print Shop.


  • New computer equipment has energy star ratings.
  • LITS provides LCD displays as part of computer configurations.
  • Printers in LITS managed public labs are configured with duplex units for 2-sided printing.

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