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My Hamilton, launched in 2002 and most recently redesigned in 2008, is your personalized view of information at Hamilton, as well as a starting point for accessing information and entertainment from all over the Web. My Hamilton gives you control over what Web resources and information are available to you, such as your Hamilton e-mail, calendar, ESS space and Blackboard accounts. is the login screen for the portal. After logging in, you will see your own Hamilton College portal page that you can customize yourself with access to the abovementioned resources. You can remove “channels” that you do not want and add “channels” that you do want.

My Hamilton uses tabs to group certain resources. Each resource is called a channel. There is an [EDIT] button on each channel which enables you to manage display settings and content for the channel.


The main section in which you can add channels for direct access to your E-mail, WebAdvisor, Blackboard, Facebook, Personal Calendar etc.


These provide access to Listservs to which you are subscribed, campus messages and events and messages from the Hamilton community (e.g marketplace, lost and found, ride board).


Access to the following:

Resource Applies To
Academic Resources  Employees
Budget Center Employees
Campus Safety - statistics Students,Employees
Card Services - for making deposits and activating/deactivating the Hill Card Students, Employees
College Business - for paying bills online Students
Course Tools - for accessing your WebAdvisor account Students
Facilities Management Students
Financial Aid - for accessing your award letter    Students, Employees
Human Resources   Employees
Library - for accessing the Alex Library Catalog, Reserves, E-Journals, and Databases Students,
Mail Center - for retrieving your mail number  and combinations Students
Personal Information - view and edit your contact information Students
Student Organizations Students
Transportation                                               Students



Access to the most recent college news new feeds from ABC News, BBC, CNN, New York Times, Washington Post etc.. You can also add your own news feeds. Click here for instructions.


Add your own collection of links to your My Hamilton page. To begin adding your own collection of links, click the "Add Link Group" button.


Access your personal space through My Hamilton


Access Blackboard through My Hamilton.


  • Layout Options - change the number of columns on your home page. You can also reset your tabs, channels, and settings back to the original layout by clicking the RESET CHANNELS. Your data (contacts, links, news, etc.) will not be lost, but your display preferences will be removed.
  • My Profile - update your Hamilton College Profile and your Hamilton Community profile.
  • Passwords and Security - Sync passwords - Your network password will be the same as your My Hamilton/Email password.
  • Themes - change the color scheme on your My Hamilton page.

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Last updated: April 2, 2019


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