Last updated: June 12, 2018

What Can Be Made?

Almost any type of video! A multitude of resources are available to help you capture and edit videos along an exciting continuum of length and complexity:

  • feature length movies to short clips;
  • multiple-camera projects;
  • green-screen scenes;
  • mashup and New Media projects;
  • and much more.

Our staff and peer tutors work with individuals, groups, and courses to:

  • achieve a fluency with visual communications;
  • develop versatile design skills;
  • learn effective use of cameras and video editing tools;
  • provide access to these cameras and editing options;
  • and support projects at every step.

You can find examples of projects made with our resources and support in our Course Showcase.

How Do We Help?

Our primary goal is to equip any individual, group, and/or course with a deep understanding and proficiency with making and analyzing video. Though we also teach the effective  use of industry-grade video equipment and editing software, we believe it imperative to learn the vocabulary and effect of cinematic language to create effective visual communication. To that end, we:

  • provide workshops and other opportunities to learn the language and design of visual communications;
  • demonstrate and facilitate storyboarding and other planning methods to help any project achieve success;
  • provide you access to and teach you how to use the correct tools and approaches to capture the footage you envision;
  • teach you how to use video editing and hosting solutions to share your project.

How Can You Find Help?

The Research and Instructional Design team prides itself on partnering with you however and wherever needed. We stand ready to provide in-depth consultation and design assistance with all aspects of your video project.

  • To schedule a conversation, please e-mail us at course-support@hamilton.edu, use our appointment request form, or stop by Burke Library’s information desk during library hours.
  • Note: Faculty who wish to integrate a video project in their courses can contact course-support@hamilton.edu to begin a comprehensive, deeply supported course design effort with our professional staff.


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