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Web Publishing at Hamilton

Requesting and Managing your Personal Web Space

There are two methods for creating and maintaining a web site in the hamilton.edu domain.

  1. Non-technical users can use SiteManager, Hamilton’s Content Management system, to create web pages using pre-defined templates in a Microsoft Word-like application. Please contact Maureen Scoones at mscoones@hamilton.edu for training.
  2. More advanced users can create and manage web pages using in the web publishing software they prefer by requesting personal web space and following the directions below to connect to and manage their content.

Publishing Your Pages (Not For SiteManAger)

How do you get your work onto Hamilton’s web server, and how do you get the old, out of date pages off the server? Move files to and from your space on the web server using one of these methods:



  • If you have a VPN account, we recommend connecting to the VPN and then using the On-campus method above.
  • FTP (File Transfer Protocol) - Multi-Platform

What Is My Web Address (URL)?

Do you find the URLs for Hamilton’s web site confusing? Wondering about the difference between www.hamilton.edu and academics.hamilton.edu? Here's a quick overview of the different spaces.

Sign Up for Personal Web Space

Web space is now available through SiteManager, the College’s content management system. Please fill out an account request form to get started.


Is this page current? I am looking for how to get a staff web page

Ken, the documentation was a little unclear. I added a section at the top to clarify how to go about requesting personal web space. I'll contact you via email regarding your request.

Last updated: October 23, 2018

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