Last updated: March 1, 2023

Why is your Wi-Fi bugging?Alexander Hamilton Computer and Cellphone

That may be a symptom of frequency interference
Frequency interference is when another device is transmitting on the same frequency as Wi-Fi.
The classic symptom of interference is that your device appears to be connected with a strong signal, but web pages are slow to load or videos would “buffer”.
Here is a list of common sources for interference that you might find in a residence hall:
Device Impact Distance Solution
Wireless Routers and Access Points (including Apple Time Capsules) High Very Far Unplug your personal wireless router or access point. (Disable your Time Capsule's wireless connectivity and use a USB cable.)
Wireless-capable cameras or set-top boxes like Slingbox and Apple TVs High Far Disable the wireless connectivity in your device and use wired alternatives.
Wireless Printers High Medium Disable the wireless feature in your printer and use a USB cable.
Wireless speakers or audio systems High Medium Use wired speakers.
Cordless phones High Medium Use a wired phone.
Microwaves High Short Don't use microwaves next to computers.

Some gaming devices
like XBox 360 controllers

High Short Make sure that these devices are powered off when not in use.
Bluetooth devices Medium Short Make sure that these devices are powered off when not in use or use wired alternatives.

If your Wi-Fi is really bugging you, contact helpdesk@hamilton.edu.

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