Research & Design Studio

Burke’s Research & Design Studio provides collaborative work spaces, design software, research and digital tools, multimedia resources, idea building supplies, and the know-how to help you succeed. Whether you have a research poster to create, a logo or website to design, or a group project that needs brainstorming, Burke’s Research & Design Studio is the place to get it done.

Things You Can Do in the studio

  • Attend a workshop (which we lovingly call a "Burkeshop") to learn a new skill!
  • Create artifacts and knowledge on Tinker Tuesdays, held every Tuesday from 4-5pm. Pictures and information about previous events can be found on the Burke Library Facebook page.
  • Make video games at our Game Creation Workstation
  • Create interactive maps
  • Find high quality research materials
  • Design and print large format posters
  • Create 3D models
  • Learn how to organize your research and create bibliographies
  • Design and create blogs and websites
  • Collaborate with your classmates
  • Design and create logos and other graphics
  • Create and edit sound and video clips
  • and more...

For more examples of things you can do, please explore our showcase

About the studio

Collaboration Spaces

Four collaborative areas for group study, brainstorming, and project development are located behind the Couper classroom on the first floor of the library. Each area has:

  • LCD displays
  • screen sharing technology to project what you see on your laptop, phone, or tablet (great for group work!)
  • idea building essentials such as sticky notes, modeling clay, white boards, markers, and other creative supplies

Computer Workstations

The Research and Design Studio has 64 computers—21 Macs, 21 PCs, and 22 dual boot computers with both operating systems. In addition to the programs available on all computers in the public labs located across the campus, these computers include some special programs:

  • Game Creation Workstation
    Features 3D and 2D game engines and interactive, text-based storytelling applications. Check out our Game Creation Workstation page to learn more!
  • Industry-Standard Software Suite
    Adobe Creative Cloud, which includes the latest releases of Photoshop, In Design, Illustrator, and Premiere are available on select workstations.
  • 3D Modeling and Printing
    Design and print your own 3D objects using our two new 3D printers. Download free 3D models or build your own using 3D software available at the Research & Design Studio. Discover more via our 3D printing and scanning resource guide and 3D modeling resource guide

    When you're ready to print, please fill out our 3D Printing Request Form.

People Who Can Help

Consult with Experts

You'll find friendly peer tutors and professionals at the Research & Design Studio who can assist you with:

  • library research
  • large format poster design
  • digital media creation
  • survey tools
  • mapping tools
  • citation management
  • and much more

Stop by the Research & Design Studio, email us at askus@hamilton.edu, or chat with us!

Get Tutored

From basic research techniques to advanced digital media creation, we offer a variety of opportunities for you to learn new research and technology skills.

  • Workshops
    Attend a Burkeshop—research and technology workshops led by peer tutors and professional staff. Current schedule
  • Online Instruction
    Learn how to use software and other technology using provided Lynda.com accounts. Includes instructional playlists, bite-size tutorials, keyword-searchable course transcripts, articles, and practice files.

  • One-on-One Consultations
    E-mail askus@hamilton.edu, or fill out our convenient appointment request form.
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