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Student-Sponsored Events

SPRING 2021 Event Request Process

The rules and processes for hosting events and gatherings on campus for the 2020-2021 academic year have been modified to mitigate the risk of the COVID pandemic impacting our campus community. Student groups, organizations, and teams are permitted to hold events on-campus. Events need to be submitted via the Event Request Form in Presence and approved by the Weekly Events Committee. Event hosts are expected to ensure event attendees follow the College's COVID-19 expectations, such as wearing face coverings and maintaining 6 feet of physical distancing. Student Activities student staff will also be conducting Event Safety Checks during approved student-sponsored events to ensure that COVID-19 guidelines are being enforced. Events hosts and attendees who are found to be in violation of the guidelines could face sanctions as a student group through the Society, Group, Organization, and Team Accountability Policy, or as individuals through the Student Conduct Process

The College’s Spring 2021 Guidelines for Student Organizations and Gatherings take precedence over other policies we traditionally have for event management.

Once submitted, your event request will be reviewed by Student Activities. Student Activities will approve events that clearly fall within the Spring 2021 Guidelines, and will consult with the Weekly Events Committee on Tuesdays at 12:00 PM (noon) for any event requests that bring up concerns. Kaity, Noelle, or Lisa from Student Activities may email you prior to the Weekly Events Committee meeting to gather some more information regarding your event request before the committee meets. Once your event request is accepted, your event details will be updated and the event will be approved in Presence and input into 25Live by Student Activities. You will receive an email confirmation from 25Live and Presence when your event is confirmed, and you can view your approved event in the Presence Admin Site via the Events tab.

Event Request Form & Deadlines

Event Requests can be submitted by officers of student organizations, Orientation Leaders (OLs) and FYE Leaders, Resident Advisors (RAs), and Athletic Team leaders. Student leaders should NOT input in-person events into 25Live this semester. The new Event Request form should be submitted for on-campus (in-person) events. Student organizations should however submit virtual events and virtual club meetings into 25Live directly. You can find directions for submitting events in 25Live here.

General rules for StuDent-Sponsored Events:

  • On-campus (in-person) event requests are due by Fridays at 12pm (noon) EDT at least 10 days before your desired event date.
  • You should submit this form to register on-campus events that you want to advertise to the campus community. Student groups of 25 people or less are permitted to gather informally outside, which does not require your event to be registeredHowever, if your event is not registered, you can NOT send all-campus emails about the event.
  • Virtual event requests are due at least 3 days before your virtual event date. You need to provide a Zoom link for the virtual event.
  • You SHOULD register weekly club meetings and virtual events in 25Live.
  • You SHOULD use the Event Request form in Presence to submit virtual fundraisers your organization is coordinating.
  • If you cancel or need to change the date/time/location/Zoom link for your approved event, you need to do the following:
    • Email the College Events Office, Lisa Nassimos, and Kaity Stewart to notify them of the changes to your event so they can update the event details in 25Live and notify any service providers scheduled to support your event.
    • You should update the event in Presence to reflect the revised details or to cancel it. You do this by logging into the Presence Admin site and going to the “Events” tab on the left-side navigation.

Sadove Programming & Late Nites

Student Activities has a team of awesome Program Coordinators that oversee our virtual and on-campus programming series, including our Late Nite programs on Friday nights. Student organizations, groups, teams, and friends/floormates can request to hold a Sadove Program, which will receive support from the program coordinators for planning and logistics, as well as funding for the event supplies. Late Nites are campus-wide events held every Friday night (and some Saturdays) at 9:00PM EDT. These events are substance free, fun, engaging activities - sometimes in person, sometimes virtual. 

If your group is interested in hosting a Late Nite or Sadove Program, please contact the Program Coordinators at sadove@hamilton.edu.


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