Residential Life

Residential Life

Housing Guide for New Students and Parents

The Room

What You See When You Arrive

  • There are twenty seven residences on campus located within a short distance of each other
  • We have ten accessible halls for students with disabilities, three of which are fully accessible
  • We have many doubles, triples and quads available for first-year students
  • First year students do not live in singles; singles are chosen by upperclass students during the spring room selection process
  • All first-years live on floors with fellow first years, and most are housed in residence halls that are entirely first-year residents

Coed or single-sex by hallways and gender neutral housing options

As a new student at Hamilton, you have your choice of coed or single-sex by hallways. You can also choose gender neutral housing by indicating the need or preference on your housing questionnaire. This means you would share a room with students regardless of their biological sex or gender expression.

Wellness Housing (no drugs or alcohol)

You can also choose to live on a wellness floor (no drugs or alcohol). All residence halls are smoke-free. 

Triples and quads

Triples and quads at Hamilton are usually two-room areas. That means that you can use one room as a ‘living room’ and the other as a bedroom, depending on what you and your roommates prefer. The majority of doubles are one room areas. Windows come with either shades or blinds.


Carpeting and types of flooring in the rooms can be checked in the individual hall descriptions.

What's in the room?

We provide each student with a bed, dresser, desk, desk chair, mirror, and a small closet/wardrobe. Please note: we are in the process of gradually replacing our residence hall furniture; some rooms may have upgraded furniture, and other rooms may not. This furniture replacement is an on-going project and will continue over the next few years. Each room has cable and computer network jacks and the capability of having a telephone line on the College Telephone System. For more information please email telephone@hamilton.edu.