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Author of the draft _________________________ Reader ­­­­­­­_________________________
Author: write here what you would most like the reader to think about as he or she reads your draft:
Reader: respond honestly and tactfully to the following questions. What comments do you have that will help the writer compose a better next draft? Read through the draft once and answer below.
What do you like most about the draft? What has the writer done well?
Underline on the paper what you think the thesis is. Is it clear from the thesis what the author intends to argue? Is the thesis too simple or too complex? Suggestions:
What is the best or most interesting point the author has made? Why? Suggestions:
What is the weakest or least successful point? Why? Suggestions:
Does each paragraph have a clear focus? Does the initial sentences launch each paragraph in some way? Is there sufficient analysis and evidence in each paragraph? Mark on the paper suggestions for paragraph revision.
Does the writer use sufficient evidence for all claims? Does the writer show the relationship between the evidence and the argument? Suggestions:
How well has the author responded to the assignment? Suggestions:
What do you think are the most important concerns that the writer needs to address?
What other suggestions do you have for revision? Be sure to address the author's concern(s) noted at the top of this form.
Mark on the paper any obvious errors you see in the draft: diction, punctuation,
expression, …

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