by Elizabeth Jensen
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Writing assignments must be typed and double-spaced (11 point font, approximately 1 inch margins)


Assume that the reader knows the concepts and models covered in this course but that he or she is not familiar with the specific details of the policy you are analyzing.


Your grade on the paper will be based on your understanding of the relevant economic concepts and theories and on your ability to express your understanding. In evaluating your writing, I will reward prose that is clear, concise, and well-organized; I will penalize writing errors. More detail on grading is given in the handout entitled "Characteristics of Paper Grades."


Avoid quotes as much as possible, especially long quotes. It is hard for me to evaluate your understanding of the assignment when you quote someone else's words extensively. Extensive use of quotes or close paraphrasing of material will reduce your grade on the paper.


When citing an article or book, use the following form within the text:
(Waldman, p. 3) or (The Wall Street Journal, 5/10/94, A1)
and provide a full bibliographic citation at the end of the assignment. The key point to remember is that your reader should be able to find the source for your information easily from your citation.

Due Date      

The paper is due in class on …. You will be penalized one-third of a letter grade for each day it is late, including the weekend days.

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