January Admission FAQs

If I accept the offer of January admission, will I graduate on time?

The majority of Jans graduate with their class. This can be accomplished by taking classes elsewhere before enrolling at Hamilton, obtaining AP credit from high school, taking summer courses before enrolling or in subsequent summers, taking additional full or partial credit courses some semesters, or some combination of all of these options.

Do I have to take credit-bearing classes during the fall?

No. Jans have explored many alternatives over the years and their experiences have been as varied as their interests. Some engage in internships, volunteer work, outdoor exploration, or paid employment. Please note that you will need regular internet access throughout the fall to receive important communications from Hamilton and register for spring classes. If your preferred fall experience will take you away from internet connectivity for long stretches of time, contact Anne Riffle (ariffle@hamilton.edu) in the Registrar’s Office to discuss how it will impact your pre-arrival process.

How do I earn credit in the fall?

Most Jans earn transfer credit by taking courses at accredited colleges or universities in the US or by participating in a study abroad program such as the Arcadia Fall in London program, SEA semester, or others that earn transferrable credit. Information relating to how credit might transfer (as well as a list of programs past Jans have been involved in) can be found on our Jan Courses and Credit webpage.

A detailed listing of what courses are offered and how their credit would apply at Hamilton is available here. Specific questions can be referred to Anne Riffle (ariffle@hamilton.edu) in our Registrar’s Office.

Can I play a sport or participate in an audition-based musical group as a Jan?

Hamilton Jans have done both. Coaches and directors of musical groups are responsible for determining how students admitted for January are accommodated in their respective programs. Feel free to contact them for additional information.

What transitional support is provided to Jan admits?

Once Jans accept our offer of admission, they are matched with an upperclassman mentor through our Jan-to-Jan Program. We offer a special orientation program for students admitted in January, and they are welcome to join their classmates on orientation trips in the fall.

How do students who start in January fit in with the student body as a whole?

Hamilton’s Jans play integral roles in our college community. Many Jans receive prestigious fellowships or secure competitive internships on Capitol Hill. One recent Jan organized a successful campaign and was elected student assembly president. Our Jans take full advantage of the opportunities and experiences offered on the Hill.

Where will I live once I arrive on campus?

Housing is guaranteed for all students, including Jans. The Office of Residential Life attempts to place January students in close proximity to each other and tries to be responsive to housing requests (such as preferred roommates) from the Jans.

How will I get into classes?

January admits complete an online advising tour in the fall, which asks them to choose 12 priority courses they want to take in the spring. The registrar’s office uses the list of priority courses to assign each student a schedule of four classes. Based on course selection, advisor assignments are made. Students find out their class schedules and their advisor assignment in early January. If necessary, students have an opportunity to make schedule changes.

Whom can I contact if I have more questions?

Jack Fitch, Assistant Dean of Admission, will serve as your liaison as you make your decision about January admission. Please contact him with any additional questions by phone at 1-800-843-2655 or e-mail at jfitch@hamilton.edu. If you would like to connect with a Hamilton Jan or have specific questions regarding a particular aspect of the January Admission program, please refer to the contacts listed below.


Ask A Jan

Megan Grip '19 (Arcadia Fall in London)

Josh Rothstein '19 (Arcadia Fall in London)

Emily Steates '19 (Arcadia Fall in London)

Celine Yam '21 (Sea Semester)

Samantha Wolfe '21 (Arcadia Fall in London)

Studying in London Mary Rogers, Program Manager
Arcadia University
SEA Semester Kimberly Gniadek, Admissions Coordinator
SEA Semester
Credit Transfer Anne Riffle, Staff Assistant for Advising

Kristin Friedel, Registrar
General Advising Tara McKee, Associate Dean of Students
Housing  Jean Burke, Residential Life Staff Assistant
Orientation Tessa Chefalo, Coordinator of Orientation and First Year Programs
Advice from a “Jan”

Advice from a “Jan”

“The best part about living in London was being able to experience the big and little things with people whom you just met, and watch as they turn into some of your closest friends.”
— Olivia Maddox ’20

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