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Employed 72% 320
Advanced or Post-Baccalaureate Studies 18% 82
Graduate Fellowships 2% 13
In Transition 5% 21
Searching for Employment 2% 10

Based on the overall responses of 447 graduates, 415 (93%) report themselves as employed, in graduate school, or engaged in a graduate fellowship opportunity.

  • 320 (72%) reported that they were employed.
  • 82 graduates (18%) reported that they were pursuing graduate school, and 13 (2%) were pursuing fellowship opportunities.
  • 21 respondents (5%) indicated that they were "in transition" (traveling, applying to graduate programs, or not looking for positions). 10 graduates (2%) indicated that they were still searching for appropriate positions.


Contact Name

Lisa Grimes

Student Fellowships Coordinator


Maurice Horowitch Career Center

Office Location
Third floor of Bristol Center

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