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Thirteen graduates (3%) from the Class of 2010 were awarded national or Hamilton fellowships for postgraduate pursuits. Hamilton continues to achieve a high level of recognition and success in national programs, as noted by our awards in top-level competitions such as the Watson Fellowship and the Fulbright Grant programs.

Bristol Fellowship

Searching for Sustainability in the Global Seahorse Trade

George Watson's College Educational Teaching Intern


J. William Fulbright Grant (2)

Master's Degree in Integration Studies, University of the West Indies, Barbados

The Emergence of Legal Aid as a Resource to Female Migrant Workers, Chengdu, China

Fulbright English Teaching Assistantships (7)

Germany, Indonesia, Malaysia, Russia, South Korea, Thailand (2)

Thomas J. Watson Fellowship (2)

Farm to Table: New World Cities and the Changing Landscape of Cuisine

Preserving Cultures: Exploring Fermented Foodways


Contact Name

Lisa Grimes

Student Fellowships Coordinator


Maurice Horowitch Career Center

Office Location
Third floor of Bristol Center

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