The Hamilton College Career Center staff has surveyed members of each graduating class for the past 11 years to learn what our alumni are doing one year after Commencement. Each year we survey the class until we obtain responses from at least 80% of the graduates.  This year we heard back from a record 89% (447 out of 500) of the members of the Class of 2010.

We began collecting data in May 2010 and completed our survey one year later.  Results and percentages contained in this report reflect the responses of those 447 members of the class who replied to our survey and not to the total class size of 500.

The report begins with a summary that is followed by information on students’ employment opportunities, top geographic choices, data about those who pursued graduate school positions, and, finally, statistics about those who accepted a postgraduate fellowship or scholarship award.

The Class of 2010 experienced a rebound in employment when compared to the previous year:  72% of the graduates are employed, an increase of 5% over the Class of 2009.  This is the largest year-to-year increase in employment recorded and returns this response rate to our pre-recession norm.  The number of graduates who reported being “in transition” was 5%, a marked decline from the record high 8% reported by the Class of 2009.  Both of these numbers reflect the slow but still significant improvement in the national job market for college graduates.

This report is compiled each year by the Career Center staff under the direction of David Bell, and would not be possible without the willingness of our alumni to report back to us. Thank you to the members of the Class of 2010 who participated.  If you have questions about this information feel free to contact us.

Kino Ruth
Maurice Horowitch Career Center

Overall Status

Based on the overall responses of 447 graduates, 415 (93%) report themselves as employed, in graduate school, or engaged in a graduate fellowship opportunity.

  • 320 (72%) reported that they were employed.
  • 82 graduates (18%) reported that they were pursuing graduate school, and 13 (2%) were pursuing fellowship opportunities.
  • 21 respondents (5%) indicated that they were "in transition" (traveling, applying to graduate programs, or not looking for positions).
  • 10 graduates (2%) indicated that they were still searching for appropriate positions.

Career Outcomes: What Are They Doing Now?

Education & Nonprofit  94 23%
Science & Technology  74 18%
Finance  51 12%
Law & Government  42 10%
Communications  27 7%
Other  44 11%
Management  38 9%
Marketing & Sales  25 6%
Consulting  10 2%
Arts  10 2%

93% of the respondents from the Class of 2010 reported successful outcomes, which includes those who are employed, those going to graduate school, and those who are participating in post-graduate fellowships.

Geographic Outcomes: Where Are They Now?

50% Relocate to Top Three Cities:
New York City 106
Boston 53
Washington, D.C. 41

The class of 2010 continues a Hamilton tradition whereby large numbers of graduates relocate to the three major east coast metropolitan areas of New York City, Boston, and Washington, D.C. However, this is the first class since we began doing this survey in 2000 that did not have a majority (over 50%) of its members relocate to these three cities. 200 members moved to these three areas, or 45% of the respondents. Chicago was the fourth largest destination with ten students (2.5%).

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