Human Resources


Student Wage Guidelines

Student wage guidelines have been established to reflect the skills required for specific positions. Supervisors have the flexibility to pay within the designated ranges depending on experience or class year. All departments are responsible for working within their budgetary restrictions.

A wage differential will be considered in cases where a student is working late-night hours (after midnight) and is also responsible for student safety.  Wage differentials must be reviewed and approved by senior staff.

Questions about the placement of positions or appropriate hourly rates should be reviewed with Human Resources, x4688. 

Student Wages effective December 31, 2015.

$9.00 - $9.43: Positions that require individual to be dependable and attentive (i.e., checking ID's, serving as a receptionist or building attendant); and positions that require some skill with training normally provided by department and specific attention to detail (i.e., filing, answering telephones, providing service to others);

$9.44 - $9.86: Positions that require the ability to clearly communicate specific academic or technical knowledge and understanding to others (i.e., in a teaching or tutoring capacity) or administrative or professional skills to perform independently in areas such as making follow-up calls, compiling data, research, and copy editing, etc;

$9.87 - $10.25: Positions that require advanced academic or technical knowledge and understanding of processes to the extent needed to assess and critically evaluate others' work and/or the supervision and training of others.


Please note, due to the increase in New York State's minimum wage please see the approved Student Wage Guidelines for 2014, 2015 and 2016.