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A variety of initiatives are in place at Hamilton to assist couples as they find ways to become more fully engaged in the college or the community. Faculty members, job candidates, and new hires should discuss concerns around dual careers with the chairs of their department as well as their Associate Dean of Faculty. While the College cannot and does not guarantee job placement for both members of a couple, there are informational resources that may be helpful and possible opportunities for employment, contingent on available resources, for the spouse or partner of a faculty hire. 
For a description of the range of campus opportunities for spouses and partners, see this page

(Please also refer to information about our Family Relocation Support Team.)

Employment Resources for Spouses and Partners

Dual-career employment is a national issue and one that Hamilton continues to address as we endeavor to recruit and retain a talented and dedicated faculty and staff.

Higher Education Recruitment Consortium

Hamilton is a member of the Upstate New York Higher Education Recruitment Consortium (HERC). Its website contains free resources and a listing of faculty and staff positions at nearby colleges and universities.

M3 Placement & Partnership

M3 Placement & Partnership (315-624-2210) provides support for relocating families at no cost to Hamilton employees and their families. The firm concentrates and specializes in many aspects of central New York.

Job Search Assistance

Information about job listings in central New York can be found at this New York State Department of Labor webpage and at the New York State Job Bank. You might also find this Career Fact Sheet helpful.

Pathfinders CTS is a partner relocation service based in Syracuse

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