Dental coverage is provided by Guardian and vision coverage by Guardian utilizing the Vision Service Plan (VSP) network. Premiums will be deducted on a before-tax basis.
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Eligibility for dental and vision insurance benefits is the same as for the College's medical insurance (a full time or half-time or more employee). Dependents eligible for coverage are spouse/domestic partner, and dependent children to age 26.

Dental Plan

Dental services are covered based on a percentage basis with a maximum benefit of $1,000 per calendar year per covered individual. You may use any dentist you choose. Your out-of-pocket expense is generally less with an in-network dentist.


Vision Plan

The eye care plan features the VSP Provider Network. Many services provided by an in-network doctor are covered 100% after applicable copays ($10 for exams, $25 for eye glass lenses). Services provided by an out-of-network doctor are paid according to a schedule of benefits.


Except for certain change in status events, participants may only make changes to their enrollments during Open Enrollment in November with a January 1 effective date.

Contact Human Resources, x4042, if you have any questions concerning your benefits.


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