The Flexible Spending Account (FSA) benefit is administered by PayFlex and provides an opportunity to realize significant tax savings by paying certain qualified expenses with before-tax dollars. 
The phrase “before-tax dollars” refers to income not subject to FICA, federal or state income taxes. You are already saving money under the Plan by having the premium for your health insurance coverage through the College deducted before taxes. Many individuals also take advantage of additional tax savings by establishing Spending Accounts to pay for qualified medical care and/or dependent care expenses.
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Information on enrollment and reimbursement is available in the Benefits Guidebook and on the PayFlex website.

Updated features from PayFlex

New Employee Alert Option - Debit Card Substantiation Notification
Staying up to date on PayFlex Card® transactions is now even easier! If PayFlex needs documentation for card transactions, employees no longer have to wait for a Receipt Request Letter. When members sign up for the Debit Card Substantiation Notification, they'll receive an electronic notification. The message they receive will depend on the card-related event.
Scenario #1

The member uses the debit card. The merchant approves the card at the point-of-purchase. PayFlex has not substantiated the card transaction yet.


Please save the receipt for your card transaction at (Merchant Name) in case we need to verify the expense.

Scenario #2

The member uses the card. The merchant processes the debit card transaction. PayFlex substantiates the card transaction. The member can view the transaction online.

Message Sent

Your card transaction of <$XX.XX> at (Merchant Name) has been substantiated. No further action will be required.

Scenario #3

The member uses the debit card. The merchant processes the card transaction. PayFlex is unable to substantiate the transaction. The member can view the transaction online.


Your card transaction of <$XX.XX> at (Merchant Name) will require documentation. Login online to learn more.

How do members sign up for this notification?

To sign up, members must login to the PayFlex member portal. At the top of the page, click on My Settings and select Notifications / Email Address. Then they can select the notifications they wish to receive and click Submit.


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