The work of the Staff Advisory Committee was transitioned to the Staff Assembly Council on July 1, 2013

Mission Statement

To encourage and promote community spirit at Hamilton College by providing staff representation and opinion on issues involving the College Community and other issues involving staff personnel.

Strategic Objectives
  • To promote harmony and communications among staff, administration and faculty at Hamilton College.
  • To encourage and facilitate communication between staff personnel.
  • To provide a staff point of view on issues involving the College Community.
  • To provide a means for staff personnel to communicate concerns without fear of reprisal.

Tactical Objectives
  • Meet (monthly) to discuss issues before the committee.
  • Monthly or as prudent, provide the administration a list of issues before the committee and recommendations on those issues where the committee has reached an opinion.
  • Quarterly, provide other members of staff a communique on the activities of the committee.
Meeting Minutes
2011 Meeting Minutes


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Office Location
Philip Spencer House

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