The Cross-Registration Program is a cooperative effort among the colleges in the Mohawk Valley. It is intended to aid students in their programs of study by making available to them courses, services, and experiences that may not be offered on their home campus.


  • Cross-registration privileges apply to full-time employees, defined as employees who work full time hours (minimum 35 hours per week) during the academic year.
  • You may cross-register for a maximum of one course per term (spring and fall) at the undergraduate or graduate level. Summer sessions are excluded. Some institutions will allow a winter term session to be included.
  • Cross-registrations are processed only for courses not available at the home institution and on a space-available basis after students of the host institution have been registered.

Registration Procedure

  • Eligible Hamilton employees must obtain a Cross-Registration Approval Form from the Registrar's Office at Hamilton, complete the form and obtain all appropriate signatures. This form is also available from Human Resources.
  • To verify eligibility, the form must be signed by a representative of Human Resources. Assuming the consortium course is taken outside of work hours, the employee does not need a supervisor's approval, only Human Resources and the Registrar. If an employee is taking a course through the Horizons Program and the Consortium, only one course during work hours will be approved.
  • Take the completed Approval Form to the Registrar's office of the host institution. The registration process for each institution in the consortium may be slightly different. You should contact the host institution at the number indicated below if you have questions.

Herkimer County Community College   315-866-0300, ext. 8280

Mohawk Valley Community College   315-792-5336 (Utica)

SUNY Empire State College   518-587-2100

SUNY Institute of Technology   315-792-7265

SUNY Morrisville   315-684-6066

Utica College   315-792-3020


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